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Uncle Rado's Funeral
Burial Site of JR & Lela Harnage
Cousin Number 41
Cousin Number 40
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List of First Cousins
(Updated 3 May 2015)

This page is dedicated to the First Cousins (and all Harnages, of course). But since the 'First Cousins', that is, the grandsons and granddaughters of Jacob Richmond Harnage (now 41 by my count) are becoming the dominant family members now, I call this the Cousins Page. I hope to periodically post new/different pictures of any and all Harnage family members, spouses, and/or children.
Here are some pictures taken at the first Harnage Family 'First Cousins' Reunion held in Tallahassee, FL on April 6, 2002 and updated with later pictures.
For more pictures, see the list of yearly Reunion News above.

In October 2019 Gary and Kay celebrated their 60th Anniversary with family.

In April 2011 Aunt Ivene celebrated her 84th Birthday with family.

Recently all six of Ivey's children got together for the first time since Mom died in 1998
We all attended HS Class Reunions that night - 23 October 2010

    Ivan             Alton           Karen         Gary         Colin         Carolee
[Fact: JR had 12 children in 19.5 years and Ivey had 6 in 9 2/3 years]
[Us kids had either 2 or 3 each - but the trend has stopped there]

Then someone's daughter had to get into the picture

Part of the family at brunch on that Saturday morning

Ruby & Gerald Griffin 50th Anniversary
March 10, 2007

First time

A Goldie Oldie

2002 version

2005 version

2006 version

2008 version

2009 version

Here is a leaner/meaner Ed

Ruby, Gerald and family

Dan and Mary and family 2006

Karen and family 2006

Norman drove in from Texas

JC and Ivene

Lunch Time

King & Queen of the Harnage Family (Rado & Ivene)

This picture was taken during a surprise Birthday Party for Rado in Feb. 2005

Harnage Crest of Arms

This is the one that is sewn on the Harnage Family Quilt by June Seal.
See picture of the complete quilt at 2005 Reunion News (above)
Click here for other pictures from the Quilt


This picture was taken while I was standing in the parking lot of
the Tallahassee Mall, just down the street from the Motel (2005).
In case anyone forgets that this is Florida.