Verna Mae Found
Recently the search ended.   Verna Mae (Harnage) Ward has been found, and is living in central Florida.   Judy found her via the internet and I talked to her by phone.   She has had no contact with the Harnage family since her parents's divorce (it was an aunt that contacted the family some years back.)   She is now married to George Ward, and has been for 60 years.

Verna was born in May 1927, so she is the oldest 'cousin', beating RD Harnage by almost 7 years.   See her family stats starting at Bentley's home page.   So, a big welcome to cousin number 40, or I guess that should be cousin number 1.
= = Verna Mae Ward's family information updated on 3/29/2007. = =
Welcome to the family, Verna Mae.

? Verna Mae Harnage ?
It has recently come to my attention that we have another cousin.   Up until this point she has been unknown to me and I suspect, most of you.   My ex-wife, Judy, has for years tried to track down the Harnage family.   She has not had too much time to do this in the past, but has now started doing so in an earnest fashion.

As she was tracking down the family recently, the 1930 Census Report was released by the Government, as they do 72 years after every census.   In it Judy found a census record that was for Clermont, Lake Co., FL which lists a:

Harnage, Henry B. age 21
Birthplace: FL
Race: white
Head of house

Lillian I. Harnage age 17
Vyna M. Harnage age 2

The ages were independently confirmed by other means.
After some checking, I found that this is true, and apparently there has been no contact between the families since the divorce.   And also that approximately 10 years ago, a member of her family contacted one of our family members and asked for a picture of Bentley.   This was sent to that person.   A later phone call to the family got the answer that Vyna wasn't ready to contact our family at this time.   As far as I can find out, she hasn't done so since, and the person contacted lost the contact information.   Vyna lives (or did at that time) somewhere in Florida.

The person contacted, and Uncle Rado seem to remember the name as Verna Mae.   If so, the spelling on the census record may have been an error on the part of the census taker.   Goldie seems to remember the name as Jaunita.   I have added her to Bentley's Page and will use the name Verna Mae until I find out different.

From the data above, this means that Vyna or Verna would have been born in 1927/28, making her the oldest of the cousins.
I personally would like to welcome her to the family, and hope that she sees this or that someone else who knows her sees it and informs her.   I would really like to hear from her as a family member.   Or if anyone else has any information that would help track her down, I would appreciate hearing from them.

I have tried many ways on the internet (using Verna/Vyna with and without Harnage) to find her, but to no avail, although it is believed she still lives in Central Florida.
So there you have it.   Anyone else know of a hidden cousin???   At this point the count stands at 40.