Third Annual Cousins Reunion 2004


At least we made it to the top billing

The Third Annual Cousins Reunion is now history. A good time was had by all, with 'picture perfect weather'. Several noted visitors attended the reunion for the first time. Included were Aunt Nell, Aunt Alma, and Sarah and Ruth (Aunt Zenita's Daughters). Sarah and Ruth both said that they were sorry that they had not attended in the past, but would definitely do so in the future. Anyone not attending with the feeling that they would not be welcomed are just missing out on a good thing. All are welcome, young and old.

Friday evening started out with a Pizza Party at the Fairfield Inn.

Wish I was in the pool.

Distinguished guests included Aunt Nell (Mrs. W. Elkin Harnage), Uncle Rado, Aunt Ivene, and Aunt Alma (Mrs. H. Bentley Harnage.)

Sarah and Ruth, Aunt Zenita's daughters, at their first 'Cousins Reunion'
"We'll be back!"
[It sounded more like a threat to me!]

Goldie and daughter, Cindy

Then on Saturday night came the Traditional

Several of Aunt Ivene's daughters attended, including Evonne (front and center.)

A distant 'cousin' who loved the Pool Party

Ruth relaxing at the Pool Party

The Annual Duck Parade!

Already plans are underway for the Fourth Annual Cousins Reunion.   It is tentatively set for early April 2005 (subject to local conflicts.)   So make your plans now to attend, and pass the word to others who may not have heard about the reunions.   We would like as many as possible to attend.   If you have Email addresses for any who would like to stay informed, please pass them on.   Also this web site will carry updated information when it becomes available.