Sixth Annual Cousins Reunion 2007


Same sign, different secondary events.

Friday evening started with a trip to the China Super Buffet.

With lots of good food.

Afterwards, the scene got a little weird ?.?

On Saturday the

Norman started the pre-dinner meeting with a few remarks, and then Ivan 'introduced' Verna Mae (Harnage) Ward to the family.   It had recently came to our attention that we had a long-lost cousin (that had not been heard from in over 60 years.)   Ivan has recently talked to her by telephone and invited her to the family reunion.   She was unable to attend due to the illness of her husband, but was very interested in the Harnage family and it's history.   Everyone was interested in and elated by the news of cousin number 40.

Family Tree Cross Stitch by Linda Benton.

Names for Cross Stitch Tree.

Gary and Gerald having a conversation.

Even after re-newing their vows last month, Gerald and Ruby sit across the table from each other.

RD, Jr and family.

Birthday cake for Aunt Ivene (with Easter Bunny.)

Blow, Ivene, blow.

The Cousins that were present this year.

Goldie, Norman and Linda with sign.

Browsing through the scrapbooks.

Then on Saturday night came the Traditional
Due to inclement weather and other circumstances, it wasn't much this year.

Gail trying to explain something.

Already plans are underway for the Seventh Annual Cousins Reunion.   It is tentatively set for early April 2008 (subject to local conflicts.)   So make your plans now to attend, and pass the word to others who may not have heard about the reunions.   We would like as many as possible to attend.   If you have Email addresses for any who would like to stay informed, please pass them on or inform them when plans are finalized.   This web site will carry updated information when it becomes available, usually in late January or early February.