Jacob Richmond Harnage

New Burial Site
Our grandfather, Jacob Richmond Harnage, is now in the Winter Garden Cemetery, with our grandmother, Lela Arkansas (Mann) Harnage. His remains (ashes) were interned in a vault on top of grandmother's casket, and the headstone was placed at the foot of grandmother's grave.

There was no service for the re-internment but Rado, Ivene and several others visited the cemetary the day after.

The photo, below, shows his original gravestone placed at the foot of his wife.

JR and Lela Harnage buried here
Jacob Richmond re-burial

Gerry, Joyce, Kathy, Uncle Rado, Linda, Yvonne, Aunt Ivene, Gwen and Myra

As of February 2007 the two gravestones have now been combined, as were the couple in marriage.

Clarence and Dot alongside of JR and Lela

Bud and Agnes are buried nearby