Second Annual Cousins Reunion 2003


We only rated second billing this year!

The reunion was attended by fewer members this year, but a good time was had by all.
Several people got together and gathered 'door prizes' for the occasion, and
Norman presented the prizes. There was some 'concern' when Ivene drew the ticket
for the female prize, and it turned out to be her own number. We will have an ethics
committee to oversee the drawing next year :)
All children present received a 'Prize'.

Joyce,   Norman,   Emory,   Peggy
Joyce received a present for her 25th Anniversary (1 April 2003).
We couldn't come up with an appropriate consolation prize for Paul.
[He is still trying to convince her it was only an April Fool's Joke.]

Ruby,   Gerald,   Ivene,   Emory and others
Ivene seems to be having fun

Linda and Joyce put their lives in danger to rescue a stranded animal
from the traffic on the busy highway in front of the reunion hall.

Linda and ?
Here is a picture of the frightened and wet, but otherwise unhurt aninmal,
and the new Harnage Family Mascot.
He has been tentatively named PINKY
Anyone with a better suggestion ?

Then on Saturday night came the Traditional

Gail, Granddaughter Kayla, Johnny
Relaxing at the Pool

Who is the Mystery Lady with the Ducks?
They were cute swimming in the pool.

Already plans are underway for the Third Annual Cousins Reunion.   It is tentatively set for the first weekend in April 2004 (subject to local conflicts.)   So make your plans now to attend, and pass the word to others who may not have heard about the reunions.   We would like as many as possible to attend.   If you have Email addresses for any who would like to stay informed, please pass them on.   Also this web site will carry updated information when it becomes available.

The weather this time of year is usually very nice.   Last year, slightly chilly and sunny,
and this year it was temperate with a few scattered showers.