First Annual Cousins Reunion 2002


I think the sign says it all!

The reunion was attended by estimated 75-85 family members and a good time was had by all.
16 of the 35 remaining cousins were there. Maybe we can get more for next years Reunion.
Here a few pictures taken there.


(Front) Myra, Linda, Sue Ann, Mary, Ruby
(Second) Ivan, Norman, Emory, Edward, Dottie, Joyce
(Back) Gary, Goldie, David, Gerald, JC
Ralph was missing from this picture, but his place was held by Gerald.
-You can tell that this is a professionally posed picture-


(Front) Mary, Ralph, Ivene
(Second) Linda, Myra, Sue Ann, Dottie, Zenita
(Third) Ivan, Norman, Rado, Edward
(Back) JC(hidden), Gary, Emory, Ruby, Goldie, Joyce
Ralph made it but David had wandered off.

* There are 39 'First Cousins'. In other words, children of the original 12 Sons and Daughters of Jacob Richmond Harnage. We now call ourselves 'THE COUSINS'. This is not to downplay all the other sons, daughters, and cousins, but for decades the emphasis was on the 'Aunts and Uncles'. Since they are down to three now, we think it is time for our generation to step in. The younger ones will get their turn one day.

So that is why this reunion was called the First Annual Cousins Reunion

Already plans are underway for the Second Annual Cousins Reunion. It is tentatively set for the first weekend in April 2003. So make your plans now to attend, and pass the word to others who may not have heard of this years reunion. We would like as many as possible to attend. If you have Email addresses for any who would like to stay informed, please pass them on. Also this web site will carry updated information when it becomes available.

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