Fifth Annual Cousins Reunion 2006


We are starting to rate, we made top billing again

But evidently the law had been forwarned about us as they were there when we arrived.
(They had a breakin at the Community Center the night before and the place had been vandalized.
But everything was quickly cleaned up and ready for the meeting by the time most people arrived.)

The Friday evening Pizza Party turned out to be a trip to the China Super Buffet.

This is how to use chopsticks.

The variety of food was almost overwhelming.

On Saturday the

The great food buffet was enjoyed by all.

The short ones - Rado, son Jim and grandson Rado II.

Guests included Betty Forbes (aka Elizabeth Irene Harnage, second from right).
She is related from just a few generations back.

Other guests this year were Dorthy Hope, husband Marion and sister Margie.
Dot and Margie are from a long distant branch of the family.
Anyone with a Harnage family tie is welcome to the reunion.

Sixteen 'First Cousins' attended this year.

The Easter Duck showed up bearing Easter eggs.

The Harnage Family Quilt was prominently displayed again this year.

Then on Saturday night came the Traditional
Which was held indoors due to inclement weather
Although later the kids enjoyed swimming for hours

Rado and Ivene enjoying the evening 'atmosphere' at the pool party.

Already plans are underway for the Sixth Annual Cousins Reunion.   It is tentatively set for early April 2007 (subject to local conflicts.)   So make your plans now to attend, and pass the word to others who may not have heard about the reunions.   We would like as many as possible to attend.   If you have Email addresses for any who would like to stay informed, please pass them on or inform them when plans are finalized.   This web site will carry updated information when it becomes available, usually in late January or early February.