The Rogue's Gallery
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Harnage Dozen

  • Ivey

  • Bentley

  • Clarence

  • R.D.

  • O.C.

  • Carrie Mae

  • Rado

  • Leta

  • Elkin

  • Agnes

  • Zenita

  • Ivene

  • Longivity Chart
    Name Born Died Yrs- Mo-Days
    Ivey 10/01/1907 06/27/1997 89-08-26
    Bentley 12/03/1908 01/19/1995 86-01-16
    Clarence 02/10/1910 03/11/1999 89-01-01
    RD 03/13/1913 07/19/1949 36-03-19
    OC 02/12/1915 09/12/1991 76-07-00
    Carrie Mae 04/03/1917 12/01/1996 79-07-28
    Rado 02/09/1919 7/13/2008 89-05-04
    Leta 10/29/1920 09/20/1998 77-10-22
    Elkin 01/03/1922 01/06/1950 28-00-03
    Agnes 01/25/1924 03/16/1999 75-01-19
    Zenita 02/20/1925 07/02/2003 78-04-12
    Ivene 04/22/1927 12/03/2011 84-07-11
    Average lifetime (minus the 3 early deaths) is 82.5 years.

    Here is a list of the 12 children of Jacob Richmond Harnage (JR)
    and the total number of members of each, including JR and spouses.
    Also shown are the number of children (JR's Grandchildren/'The cousins')
    This includes all members as listed on this website.   [Updated 10/26/2014]
    Number of Family Members of the Jacob Richmond Harnage Branch
    Names# People# Children
    Jacob Richmond Harnage3[12 - Counted below]
      Jacob Ivey1126
      Henry Bentley433
      Ira Clarence121
      Richard David R.D.1004
      Ottis Chester O.C.384
      Carrie Mae131
      Norwell Rado92
      Leta Rae294
      William Elkin232
      Agnes Elener254
    TOTAL48741     Cousins
    It was 104 years from the first child born until the last died, (and 140 years from the birth of JR).
    At least 6 generations are now represented.
    Look what Jacob Richmond and Lela Arkansas Harnage have brought forth.

    HELP: As you can see, the Rogue's Gallery is not complete. Any help with additional pictures would be appreciated.
    Would prefer pictures from an earlier time, and 'bust' shots, if possible, but will welcome any that may be offered.

    NOTE: The lists above only include the family members as I know about them.
    There are new spouses and children being added to our ranks periodically, but cannot be listed here until their names and facts are sent to me.
    Here is the pertintant information needed.

    Thanks, Ivan

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