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The Harnage Site

This Site was originally created and edited by Ivan Harnage for his family. It was later that Rado Harnage asked me to take over the Jacob Richmond Harnage Family data which he had collected. I then added that info to this site, and have tried to keep it updated since.
I now hand the site over to my Grandson, Marcus Arrington.      (2019)

This site is a dedication to the Harnage family in general and to the Ivey Harnage (and siblings) portion of it specifically. Although we can trace the family tree back to England in the 1700's, this site is not for that purpose. It is to help detail the Harnage family from Jacob Richmond Harnage (7 Jan. 1871 - 8 Dec. 1933) to the present. He will be refered to as JR in this narrative. He and his family (at least in the earlier days) spent most of their time in and around central Florida.

JR and his second wife, Lela Arkansas (Mann) were married on 7 Oct. 1906 and had 13 children in a 20 year span. Twelve survived and lived full lives; several are alive today.* I have tried to detail their lives and the lives of their descendents. The oldest was Jacob Ivey Harnage (Ivey) born in 1907. All of the boys (7) went by their middle names or their initials. The girls all used their first names, including Carrie Mae.

Ivey had 6 children, of which I am the oldest. Ivey and Bertha Alice (Cummins) lived full lives up into the upper 80's. Ivey lived his entire life in Florida, and Bertha spent her adult life there also. They met and married in Central Florida. Although I did not meet JR, since he died a few years before I was born, I met and knew all of his children (my aunts and uncles), and many (but not all) of my cousins. They are a fine bunch, and are/were a joy to be around.

The family met on numerous occasions for reunions, which are fondly remembered by us 'younger' ones. Since many of the JR clan lived in/around Orlando the reunions were usually held in that area. A majority of the members could assemble there with only a few hours or less of driving. It would not be uncommon for dozens of the clan to meet and enjoy the occasion and especially the food. The women were excellent cooks and went all out to prepare for the meetings, with enough food to feed an army.

There is also a section of this site dedicated to my mothers family, of which she was the next to youngest, the Cummins of Minnesota. I do not have a lot information on them, but what I have is chronicled in these pages. All 10 members of the Elbert and Phoebe Cummins children are now dead. They were spred across the nation, and therefore did not get together much. I had the pleasure of meeting most of my aunts and uncles and some of the cousins. I do not have a total count of my cousins, as there were 38* in the Harnage family and likely that many in the Cummins family.
* As of 3 Dec. 2011, there are no surviving children of JR, and the cousins number 41. See the Family News.


Due to Calendar size, it is impossible to put everyone on it for Birthdays. I have tried to include all the aunts and uncles and First Cousins. Since this is also the Ivey Harnage site, I have included more of our family. The entries with a * before them are the 'cousins', all 39* of them.


I am aware that many details are missing from these pages, especially concerning the younger members of the family. But I have to rely on the input of the respective members of the familys to furnish the information, so it can be included into these pages. As new members are being added, it is imperative that this input be provided to Marcus or me.

Also some facts (dates, names, etc.) are missing concerning the older members or their spouses. This information, if not found soon, will be lost. So I am pleading for any information that you or the other members can supply. If you have any information or know someone who does, please relay it along.

Thank You,

Ivan Harnage

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