Tall Buildings

NOTES: I took pictures 2,3,5 of the previous series. The Morman Tabernacle and the CN Tower were scanned off of post cards as they presented a much better picture than I had.

And speaking of towers, over the years I have been on a number of structures that are higher than 1000 feet. At the present, only 24 building in the world have this distinction, although approximately that many more are in the works (either in progress or in the planning stages.) I have no idea how many other structures top the 1000 feet mark. But they include freestanding structures (such as towers with observation decks and used for TV antennas) and anchored TV antenna towers.

The ones I have been in/on are:

Sears Tower - Chicago1453 feet
Empire State Building - NY1250 feet
Hancock Building - Chicago1128 feet
CN Tower - Toronto, Canada *1815 feet
Stratosphere Tower - Las Vegas1148 feet
Eiffel Tower - Paris1052 feet
   * Tallest freestanding structure in the world
    With the observation deck at 1445 feet
With due respect to September 11, 2001, I never had the opportunity to visit the World Trade Center Towers.

For all kinds of information on tall buildings, see

More Pictures

This is a picture of the glass floor in the CN Tower observation deck 1122 feet above the ground. Try a walk on it if you dare.

This was taken on Venice Beach (LA/Hollywood area) during a filming. On the clacker-board is written 'BAYWATCH'. Several of the Baywatch girls were to the right of this picture, but none that I recognized. I saw another movie scene being shot, and two others being set up for later shooting that day.