My Biography
I joined the US Army right after High School.   This was just after the US and North Korea agreed on a 'truce' and ceased fighting.   I spent several years in Germany manning the 280 mm Atomic Cannon.   This was America's deterrent to the Russian invasion of Europe, as the gun could shoot atomic shells.   Soon thereafter the missile age made them obsolete.
I worked in the Embedded Software Community for many years on a number of different programs including the Bomarc, Atlas, and Manned Space Flight Missiles, and the B57B Canberra, A7 Corsair, and F-15 Eagle Aircrafts.   Although I worked on the Vehicles themselves, most of my work was on their Internal Computers and later on the Ground Based Computers that supported them.   These computer were used for writing the software code for the embedded computers and for simulation of them, so as to avoid costly aircraft flight time to check the new code.
I am now retired.
Over the years, I have lived in Florida (numerous locations), Georgia, Texas, Nevada and California.   And, of course, Germany.   I have the good fortune to have traveled to many other places, including a number of overseas countries.   It was all very enjoyable and enlightening.

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280mm Atomic Cannon Bomarc Atlas-Agena Apollo-Saturn B57B Canberra A7 Cosair F-15 Eagle