Ivey Harnage Family

This is a detailed listing of the Ivey Harnage Family from his Father down.

Ivey's Family/Children

Ivey's Father/Siblings

(L-R) Rado, Zenita, Clarence,Agnes, Ivan
Some Jan. and Feb. Birthdays celebrated on January 29, 1998.

(L-R) Clarence, Zenita, Rado
Agnes, Ivene, Leta
This picture taken January 29, 1998.

(L-R) Ivey, Bentley, Clarence, O.C., Rado
Carrie Mae, Leta, Agnes, Zenita, Ivene
This picture taken at a family reunion around 1987 ?

(Back Row) Clarence, R.D., Lela, Bentley, Velma (Bentley's Wife), Richmond, Ivey, Leta, O.C., Carrie Mae
(Front Row) Elkin, Ivene, Agnes, Zenita, Rado
This picture must have been taken around 1931/32 (How old is Ivene here?)


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